Friexenet (0.0% ABV)

Freixenet (0.% ABV) Wines Fancy something fine for Fizz filled weekend. Freixenet 0.0 may just be it. This turned out to be one that I could almost describe as dry, but yet, yes it was still sweet at the back of the throat. Its fruity, but not overly so and had a lightness to it […]

Fre Alcohol Removed Chardonnay (< 0.5% ABV)

Fre Alcohol Removed Chardonnay (< 0.5% ABV) Wines Fre Alcohol Removed Chardonnay (< 0.5% ABV) I think there is a good reason why there are few reviews of alcohol free white wines around. It’s because they are extremely difficult to produce and bear little or no resemblance to anything like the real thing. Fre has a […]

Hamster Wheel or Merry-go-round?

Hamster Wheel or Merry-go-round? Blog Do you ever feel like you are on a hamster wheel? The same thing time and time again. Monotony can be a dangerous thing to the newly sober. We move from making the same drunken mistakes – ridiculous hights to unbearable lows to what? Endless days and nights of the […]

Tribe Vibe

Tribe Vibe Blog It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are on your journey of sobriety or self-discovery, getting a tribe can make a huge difference. A tribe can be one other person, or a virtual or physical group. It is about the power of connection. Finding a tribe that truly understands you is […]

Northern Monk Holy Faith Pale Ale (0.5% ABV)

Northern Monk Holy Faith Pale Ale (0.5% ABV) Ales I have been looking at this can in my fridge for a good few days now. The name of the beer and the brewery are so evocative. It is such great can, not least because it is 440 ml. Apart from that, the monk himself is […]

Shipyard American Lowtide Pale Ale (0.5% ABV)

Shipyard American Lowtide Pale Ale (0.5% ABV) Ales Another day and another Pale Ale. With so many really good alcohol free and low alcohol drinks out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. This one does not wow but it is okay. On the plus side it is a 500ml bottle […]

The Shape of Me

The Shape of Me Blog Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold. It is built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. I love the idea of this. In many ways I consider myself to have […]

Square Peg Round Hole

Square Peg Round Hole Blog That is how I describe myself. I have always been a little bit of not quite the right fit. For most of my life, I have hated it. Feeling uncomfortable in almost any situation. I would look at other people and think they seem so at ease, so confident, they […]

Lowlander 0.00% Wit

Lowlander 0.00% Wit Beers What a treat this is! A botanical beer from the Netherlands. I like the label, quirky in both design and colour. I won’t lie, when I read that it was brewed with reclaimed orange and lemon peel, I felt a little bit sick. I had visions of someone scraping through bins […]

Vallformosa Alcohol Free Cava (0% ABV)

Vallformosa Alcohol Free Cava (0% ABV) Wines This is a good drop a sparkling Cava. The bottle and label style reminded me of Noughty a little bit and that’s not bad way to start things off. When I popped the cork though, it had quite an acrid aroma. It seemed to pass quite quickly but it […]