Big Drop Brewing Co Poolside DDH IPA (0.5% ABV)

Big Drop Brewing Co Poolside DDH IPA (0.5% ABV) DDH is double dried hops by the way (double the amount of hops are used compared to the standard brewing process).
This was just what I needed on a miserable mid-January Friday night. It sounds like summer and looks like summer. The can is the colour of a shimmering pool and every bit as inviting.
The aroma is citrus and refreshing and hints at something wonderful. The toffee-coloured hue is complimented by a thick foamy head and though it doesn’t stay long, it makes a fine-looking drink while it does. There is not a huge amount of carbonation but enough to stop it feeling too thick or syrupy.
I like the differing levels of flavours in this. It starts off fairly sweet with the tropical notes hitting the palate one after another but then there is a bitterness that cuts right through the middle and stops that sweetness in its tracks. Make no mistake that bitter edge makes its mark and could easily end the drink there and then. But no, there is a finale which is akin to orange and mango all rolled in to one and this lifts the experience right back up in t something light and lovely that leaves me longing for those summer days to come.
This drink strikes the right balance between bitter and fruity and is a well crafted delicious drink that shows what alcohol free drinking is all about.