Briska Päroncider - 0.5% ABV

That’s Pear cider to you and me. This Swedish beauty is beyond compear (see what I did there?) I like the look of this bottle. I like clear glass so I can see what I am getting.
There is something about the name and the label that made me think of colder climates and snow days. The aroma of this is overwhelmingly pear. I have no idea why I should be so surprised by the strength of smell, but I was.
Aside from the pear one can almost taste the sweetness through the inhale. The carbonation is so low that it almost tastes like it is on the very edge of going flat. Without the fizz kick to distract there is no hiding from that sweetness. It’s a shame, the pear flavours coat the mouth but then so does the sweetness.
The end of the drink is good. The pear remains and triumphs as the dominant flavour and it stays long after the swallow, I am almost inclined to say this is too sweet but on this very rare occasion I can allow it as I am such a lover of pear-based drinks.
While I am a fan, please do be mindful that this is not cider, well not as I know it anyway. I have a feeling it will be far too sweet for many of you.