Fre Alcohol Removed Chardonnay (< 0.5% ABV)


Fre Alcohol Removed Chardonnay (< 0.5% ABV) I think there is a good reason why there are few reviews of alcohol free white wines around. It’s because they are extremely difficult to produce and bear little or no resemblance to anything like the real thing.
Fre has a really decent stab but to my mind doesn’t taste like Chardonnay as I remember it. My unsophisticated pallete doesn’t identify grape types, just hankers back to what it used to taste like when I fell in love with wine.
It’s predominant taste is of apple which makes it light and fruity but also (as with all) a bit too sweet. Not one to give up easily, I paired this with some really mild goats cheese and crackers and what a difference.
I’ll admit wine was only ever paired with cigarettes or more wine so sitting and appreciating the flavour is new to me. The cheese cut through the sweetness very well and in the end I found myself sipping the wine slowly (who knew that was a thing) and really enjoying the flavours and totally forgot to compare it to anything.
That’s when I really started to enjoy it. Purely for what it was and not what I hoped it might be. I loved my evening doing this one. I felt like I’d grown up at last.