Freixenet (0.% ABV)


Fancy something fine for Fizz filled weekend. Freixenet 0.0 may just be it. This turned out to be one that I could almost describe as dry, but yet, yes it was still sweet at the back of the throat. Its fruity, but not overly so and had a lightness to it rather than that syrupy thing that goes on with some AF wines and fizz.

It’s got a lovely pale colour and just the right amount of Fizz to it. I also like the clean simplicity of this bottle, a little touch of elegance. I used to love Freixenet back in the day, only when it was on special offer, (which was a lot) but now wait no more, as this beauty is only £5.00. I, or rather my wonderful friend, gifted me this when I went to hers for dinner. It was paired with a creamy mushroom risotto – a good shout I say. Happy fun filled fizz-bombed weekend 🥂