Fungtional Brewing Company Fungtn Chaga Lager (0.5% ABV)

Well, another new one on me! This is brewed from mushrooms!! Adaptogenic mushrooms to be precise; apparently, they have physically and psychologically restorative properties and support the immune system.
I really like the short, stubby bottle and the line design of the mushrooms on the label. I have to say I wasn’t sold on the aroma when I first opened the bottle, I can’t quite describe it.
However, once decanted to the glass it quickly disappeared and I was left with a lovely drink that I thoroughly enjoyed.
While it is a lager, it veers much more toward the ale side of things. It has a dark, thick amber body and an impressive creamy coloured head. It is neither hazy nor clear. This is smooth and steady from start to finish but the biggest hit of chocolate and malt comes at the last hurrah just before the swallow.
The bitter tone is mild and the whole drink feels like slow, easy ascent to the top notes. The low level of carbonation and feels perfectly pitched resulting in a very pleasing drink that I would love to see more readily available in the mainstream supermarkets. If I mange to get my hands on either of the others I will most definitely give them a go.