JM Fonseca 0%riginal Moscatel Galego Branco (0.5% ABV)

This is from the first Portuguese winery to produce a de-alcoholised wine.
It’s a good-looking bottle. I love the light green label with the hints of gold against the pale hue of the wine. Elegant and sophisticated.
Boy, this one smells very sweet! But, I’m not easily deterred, so I’ll carry on regardless. Once poured though, the smell of sweetness abates and the citrus emerges, abundant, fresh and inviting.
I was so wrong about the sweetness. This is crisp (and not quite, but almost) dry. It is refreshing and an absolute pleasure to drink. The start of the drink feels like tart, sharp apples. Then is goes into a middle sweet hit, the orange blossoms no doubt. It ends will a distinct lime flavour that lingers, flirting with the palate and asking you to go back for more.
I would say the overriding taste is sharp, but it’s zesty, fun and easy to drink.
While this could never be described as being full of character as it lacks the robustness of some wines, its understated mildness impresses me very much. It doesn’t seek to be the star of the show but stands up as solid partner for a summer evening meal or a long lingering lunch date.
This was an utter delight.