Kloster Andechs weisbier alkoholfrei (<0.5%)

The brewery is owned by the Benedictine Abbey of Sankt Bonifaz in Munich and Andechs and they have been brewing alcohol free beer there since 2016. I love wheat beer and I love wheat beer on a cold night like this one it is the perfect drink.
There is lots to like about this. Let’s start with the size of this fine-looking bottle. All beers should come in 500 mls bottle. This one looks like a proper grown-up German beer, sporting a lovely picture of the monastery on the front.
The aroma is full bodied and wheaty and it was a thick and reassuring pour. Its amber glow is glorious and inviting. The creamy coloured head was huge and held its own for much longer than most. Aesthetically, from bottle to pour, it was most pleasing.
The taste is a smooth mild ride with a fruity undertone that isn’t sweet but has a pungent yeasty feel about it. The low-level carbonation keeps it easy to drink and eventually it slides into its bitter last hurrah but its barely noticeable. If you like your beer bitter and metallic then this won’t float your boat. But if you like a rich, warm, satisfying wheat beer that won’t offend it any way, then this is the drink for you.
A great choice for winter food and roast dinners.