Tempest Sleight of Hand Pale Ale - 0.5% ABV

Tempest are a Scottish Brewery and only just over ten years old. All hail the brewery industry in these testing times. I had no expectations of this, I hadn’t heard of it and it was just knocking about in the back of my fridge.
I quite like the can. It had something of The Twilight Zone about it (don’t ask me why). This was a very pale indeed, the blondest I have had so far. It was a thin pour with a very excitable foamy white head, but it did evaporate fairly quickly.
The nose of this was very light and not of malt or hops but led by the light and fresh citrus flavours. With immediate effect upon sipping, the grapefruit marches in with a bold sharpness and a tartness on the tongue.
Towards the end of the drink there is some sweetness which seems to work quite nicely. Finally, an almost apologetic bitterness but with no strength to speak of one might be forgiven for missing it altogether. Overall, I would say this is quite dry, no massive beer flavours but some really nice citrus notes and a very smooth easy drink.
I purchased this from Wisebartender and I am yet to come across it any supermarkets….