Vallformosa Alcohol Free Cava (0% ABV)

This is a good drop a sparkling Cava. The bottle and label style reminded me of Noughty a little bit and that’s not bad way to start things off.
When I popped the cork though, it had quite an acrid aroma. It seemed to pass quite quickly but it made me somewhat dubious of the drink. On pouring it was a pale yellow with lots of light tight bubbles that were abundant and excitable.
The taste was so much better than the smell. It was dry, as one would expect from a Cava but it was also sharp. My senses were guessing at green apples (although I have no proof). As it travelled to the back of the throat, sharp turns to sweet but by then it is both welcome and warranted.
The was perhaps the fizziest of fizz I have sampled so far, and my tongue was amused a little by this, rather like it was being gently teased or tickled. It is not the cheapest but I very much enjoyed this and will be a frequent visitor to my house when I fancy a treat.