Talking about alcohol at an organisational level.

As a business, you may already offer a variety of way in which you support your employees.

From hangovers to workplace accidents, have you ever considered the impact that alcohol may have on your business?

In 2016, the UK government estimated that £7 billion was lost in productivity due to sickness from harmful drinking.

Source: Health matters: harmful drinking and alcohol dependence - GOV.UK (

Is it an organisational responsibility to talk about alcohol? Well, if you are invested in your staff then yes, it is. It may not be your staff member that has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. It could be a family member or a close friend, but this could have a huge impact on your employee.

Through open conversations and non-judgemental settings, I aim to remove the stigma from talking about alcohol. From understanding the facts about alcohol to developing a framework to change unhealthy habits and relationships, I can help.

Workshops are either in group settings in person or via Teams. Your employees do not have to discuss their alcohol intake at any point. The aim is to open the door to further conversation and invoke a mindful approach to alcohol.

For a further discussion about how I can help then please do contact me.