Connection Reflections

Connection is the opposite of addiction (said someone much wiser than me) and it is so true. I am so lucky to be part of a wonderful recovery community that has enabled me to make new friends and learn valuable lessons from others. This community is teaching me compassion, patience and understanding.
At the same time, it is allowing me to understand that I cannot “connect” with everyone just based on the fact that we are all in sobriety.
We all have a different map of the world that gives use our own unique set of values to live by and so it stands to reason that we all see the word through a different lens.
Learning to accept ourselves is just as important as accepting others and their point of view. We are all important and we all matter. The trick is, not letting how others see you cloud your judgement of yourself. Not everyone will like you and you wont like them and that is okay. Learning to live in the same space with a different perspective is a great gift.
Treat people with respect and kindness even if you disagree. This is undoubtedly the best lesson that the recovery community continues to teach me.