Tribe Vibe


It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are on your journey of sobriety or self-discovery, getting a tribe can make a huge difference.
A tribe can be one other person, or a virtual or physical group. It is about the power of connection. Finding a tribe that truly understands you is a gift.
I am lucky to be part of several tribes. Not all of them are sober centred but they are kindness centred. The people I chose to interact with the most are kind at heart, and I know they want the best for me, as I do them.
When you surround yourself with people that have the same values, it is very powerful. There is no end of ways to connect and while social media can have its issues, it is also a rich source of vital connections to support sobriety.
I have made so many new friends that emanated from a virtual connection and are now so visceral and offer such a deep connection that they are life long and I know that already.
If you are early in your journey, please know there are many, many pathways to recovery and sobriety so reach out and speak out. There is always some one to listen, to share and celebrate your story.
My tribes keep me heart-centred and reminds just how amazing the world can be.