Northern Monk Holy Faith Pale Ale (0.5% ABV)


I have been looking at this can in my fridge for a good few days now. The name of the beer and the brewery are so evocative. It is such great can, not least because it is 440 ml. Apart from that, the monk himself is darkly mysterious with something a little scary (and exciting) about him.
This is such a great beer. It has such a rich, thick pour and is a wonderful grapefruit colour with a deep haze. The taste is fantastic or tangtastic (as some sweet company might have once said). I’m sure the overriding taste for me is grapefruit and although I can find no mention of it in the ingredients, I think I am picking up on the Citra Cryo hops.
Oddly enough the bitter notes seem to come at the top of the drink with the citrus and sour tones to follow. The well-balanced carbonation that moves it all along very nicely. There is only a vague sweetness to this, a smooth sort, and I like that. For a citrus beer, it feels robust, strong and I was very impressed with this Northern Monk chap.

This is an IPA for grownups and beers lovers. You don’t have to be alcohol free to give this a go.