Good Karma Beer Alcohol Free Hefeweizen (0.5% ABV)

For your information Hefeweizen is a Bavarian classic style beer, characterised by high carbonation and a low bitterness.
I love the can on this. A lovely bright feel-good package with some lovely messaging, such as “Radiate boundless love to the entire world, then love that feeling.” That alone made me happy. The pour is a hazy pale golden with a good head while it lasts.
The aroma is a fresh hoppy yarn and begins to spin the tale of the drink to come. From the off this is a smooth ride. It has that feeling of wheat beer in the mouth bit lighter. The higher level of carbonation lifts it up in a way that made it very moreish for me which was a shame as I only had one in the fridge.
While it is neither citrus nor fruit beer, it has something of the pair of them about it. A slight sweetness but in a good way is an undertone throughout. There is no bitterness to speak of, but it simply drops into deeper notes at the end.
There is literally nothing I do not like about this. Its packaging, its name, its mindful drinking ethos. I love the taste. I’m going to make this a good day. As they say at Good Karma Drinks – Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good.