Insel-Brauerei Skippers Wet Hopped Pilsner Alkohol Frei (0.5% ABV)

This is a well dressed fellow. I am not sure it the wrapping is for something other than a fancy marketing ploy, but I like it all the same.
Down to business then. Let’s start with what on earth is Wet Hopping? Well let me tell you. Before lagering, fresh wet hop‐cones are added again to give the beer even more natural hop aroma and flavour (thanks Wisebartender – I stole that bit from you).
Skippers is a strong aroma – malt mostly with a faint hint of something sweet. It’s a good-looking pour, a light amber haze with a massive head, like a thick whipped cream. The taste is strong with a smooth caramel undertone, but there is no doubt of the hops here as they are the predominant taste.
The bitter tone in this starts early and lasts throughout. These flavours are robust, deep and, for me, the bitterness is just a bit too much, leaving a metallic taste on my lips (of which, I am not overfond). That said, I do not have to like a drink to understand that it is well made, good quality and should be respected. It might not be for me, but it will appeal to many of you out there.