Lervig No Worries Alcohol Free (0.5% ABV)

Again, please be aware of the ABV designations wherever you live. They are different from country to country. This is Norwegian, no less. Scandinavians seem to do an awful lot right (Jarlsberg for one) so I was high in my expectation.
Great design on this can, very cool. Felt like I could go skateboarding or something (not really, but you know what I mean).
I could immediately smell grapefruit as soon as the ring pull detached. As a rule, I don’t like grapefruit, but I really liked this aroma. I loved the hazy looking liquor that appeared in my glass. The colour of a Porn Star (or Passion Fruit) Martini but with a good thick head that continued to slide slowly down the glass as I drank.
The grapefruit didn’t appear in the taste, but this was a complex little number that was fun in the mouth. Starting sweet at the top of the mouth but only for a moment. Then straight into tangy bits of fizz down the sides of my tongue and then ending in a pretty big bitter tone at the back of the throat. And then at the end there is the Grapefruit – back again like an old friend.
I drank this without food, but I wish I’d waited for my curry before I had finished it. The feel of this stayed with me after every mouthful meaning I wasn’t constantly chasing the taste and I absolutely loved it.