Lowlander 0.00% Wit

What a treat this is! A botanical beer from the Netherlands. I like the label, quirky in both design and colour. I won’t lie, when I read that it was brewed with reclaimed orange and lemon peel, I felt a little bit sick. I had visions of someone scraping through bins of peel. (I am still not sure how they get it, but I have stopped thinking about it).
My olfactory senses were immediately alerted to the citrus notes in this and they were teasing me to pour. This is a glorious golden colour that is more opaque than hazy. The head is surprisingly good, thick, tight and coats the glass. In its taste, the orange and lemon dance gracefully, with lemon taking the lead in this tango for my tastebuds.
There is a nice sharpness that perhaps isn’t reminiscent of a traditional beer. It has the malty taste, but it is such a distant flavour that it might as well not be there. Zingy and ever so slightly tart with a nice smooth finish and a low-level carbonation that doesn’t distract from the drink itself. It was a pleasure to try something a little different and this is exactly the kind of drink I would like pubs to stock.